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Titanium clad copper bus bar is a copper bar cladded with a certain thickness of  GR1 or GR2 titanium layer, mainly used as a stand in strong corrosive environments, such as plating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy processes, because it has not only the original conductive property of the copper bar, but also protecting the copper bar from corroded by titanium layer.
1, type of clad metal:  titanium clad copper bar/rod, titanium clad copper sheet, zirconium clad copper bar, 316L stainless steel clad copper bar,  nickel clad copper bar, titanium clad 316L stainless steel sheet, titanium clad copper sheet, copper clad aluminium sheet, steel clad aluminium sheet, and multi-layers clad composites, etc. The various specifications and different shapes (Square, round, rectangle, drum) are available.
2, advantage of clad metal: Excellent electrical conductivity; Fantastic Corrosion Resistance; Great weldability for connecting, capping and joining; High reliability; Biocompatibility; Cost effective; Long using life
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Ametal  group is specialized in producing the various metal clad composite products with metal bonding or explosion bonding technology for corrosion-resistant process/equipment, such as titanium clad copper bar, copper clad aluminum sheet, permanent cathode plate, sacrificial zinc/aluminum/Mg anode for cathodic protection, pressure vessel, heat exchangers, polycarbonate sheet/acrylic sheet, and etc.


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Besides the clad metal production, ELEGANT technology group also provide:

1, pure titanium/clad metal equipment: pressure vessel, heat exchanger, tube bundle, reactor;
2, pure titanium/clad metal part: tube sheet, head cap, end cover, fastener, screw, flange;
3, pure titanium material: Gr1/Gr2/Gr5 pipe, tube, wire, rod, bar, plate, foil;
4, stainless steel/titanium permanent cathode plates, lead anode plates, Sacrificial magnesium anode, Sacrificial aluminum anode, Sacrificial zinc anode; titanium anode baskets, MMO titanium anode, DSA titanium anode;
5, polycarbonate solid sheet, pc hollow sheet, acrylic sheet, HDPE tanks;


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