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       Professional  TI / Titanium CLAD COPPER BAR/ SHEET metal cladding  Manufacturer
Titanium clad copper bus bar is a copper bar cladding with a certain thickness of  GR2 titanium level, mainly used as a stand in strong corrosive environments, such as plating, electrolysis, hydrometallurgy processes, because it has not only the original conductive property of the copper bar, but also protecting the copper bar from corroded by titanium layer. We provide the first rate clad non-ferrous metal composites, mainly titanium clad copper bar, titanium clad copper sheet, zirconium clad copper, 316L stainless steel clad copper,  nickel clad copper, titanium clad 316L stainless steel bars, titanium clad copper sheet, copper clad aluminium sheet, steel clad aluminium sheet, titanium  rods, titanium  tubes/pipes, titanium wire, titanium sheet , titanium foil and multi-layer clad composites, etc. The various specifications and different shapes (Square, round, rectangle, drum) are available.
Unsurpassed advantage performance of Titanium Clad Copper anode bar (titanium clad copper  sheet) metal cladding:
(1) Excellent electrical conductivity
(2). Fantastic Corrosion Resistance
(3) Great weldability for connecting, capping and joining
(4) High reliability; Biocompatibility; Cost effective; Long using life

Wide range of applications of Titanium Clad Copper anode bar (ti clad copper  sheet)
wet metallurgy, electroplating, electrolysis ,petroleum chemical industry, electric chemical industry, energy engineering, ocean engineering,vacuum salt making,surface treatment, electrode manufacturing, electro-purification, chloro-alkali, caustic soda electrolysis, and aluminum anodizing,machining field, automobile field, desalination of sea water, textile printing and dyeing, mobile phone component field,Electronic circuit board, PCB, print circuit makers,gold, copper & nickel mining,copper foil production,steel manufacturer, etc.
What We Do
  ELEGANT TECHNOLOGY GROUP is specialized in producing the various nonferrous metal clad composite products with metal bonding or explosion bonding technology for corrosion-resistant process/equipment, such as the titanium clad copper conductive bus bars, anti-corrosive electrode (anodes and cathodes), permanent cathode plate, pressure tank, heat exchangers,Ti/SS/Ni materials, industrial vacuum cleaner. So they are widely used in the condition of high corrosion to conductive body, such as PCB, electroplating, electrolysis, wet metallurgy, electrowinning, refining, chloro-alkali, ocean engineering, metal finishing, surface treatment and etc. 

Recommended Titanium/SS/Ni products

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Elegant Group has seven sub-sidiary companies, more than ten sets of CNC lathes, precision punching and thread processing machinery, to produce the high precision machining parts, mainly including titanium fasteners, screws, nuts, flanges, valves and bends; Titanium and titanium alloy bars, rods, tubes, pipes, plates, sheets, wires, coils, foils, and sections with high machining precision; Various kinds of equipment made of titanium, such as titanium heat exchanger, titanium tray, and titanium anodes.
We design and manufacture the stainless steel/titanium permanent cathode plates, lead anode plates, which are widly used in copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and manganese EW/ER industry. 
2,  we produce the eletroplating using titanium anode baskets, MMO titanium anode, DSA titanium anode.
3,  We provide Titanium/ NI/Zr/ Stainless steel pressure vessel, tubular heat exchangers, tubesheet,  shell and tube heat exchanger, fan air cooler, seperator, condensers, evaporators, reaction tanks, storage tanks, snake-pipe heat exchanger, cathode drums, plates for electrolysis, electrodes, mesh baskets, propellers, Separator, packed tower, plate tower, filter, stripping tower, urine washing tower, deaerator, oil trap, buffer, scrubber, absorption tower, copper washing tower, drying tower, points cylinder, spherical tank or sphere, storage Vessel , tower or column vessel,Reaction vessel, distillation column,agitator, etc.
4,  We produce dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaners/dust collector/fume extractor/welding slag removal system.
5,  we manufacturer the precision CNC machined parts according to your customized drawing 
6,  We could produce titanium/steel/copper tank head for Pressure Vessel, Pipe Fitting, Bolier, Medicine, aerospace, nuclear power, shipbuilding, steel, tanker, container and other industries.
7,  We are  also specialized in the design and manufacture of tower internals, packing, tower trays, column tray, and the process of energy saving.
8,  We provide high quality titanium/nickle/aluminum/copper plates, titanium sheet, and titanium/nickle foil directly from China according to customer's requirements. Sheets and plates made of molybdenum and nickel are also available.
9,  We offer a wide range of pure titanium and titanium alloy bars and titanium rods from China. Apart from round bars we also offer titanium bars in different profiles (square, rectangular, hexagonal). Bars made of molybdenum, wolfram, nickel as well as zirconium are also available.We also offer aerospace grade (Ti-6AL-4V) GR5 titanium alloy bars.
10,  We offer a wide range of high quality titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, nickel-titanium shape memory alloy wire, titanium-palladium alloy wire, titanium and molybdenum-nickel alloy wire, titanium welding wire, hanging titanium wire directly from China. We also provide wire made of molybdenum, wolfram, tantalum, niobium, nickel as well as zirconium
11,  We provide titanium, nickel, tantalum, molybdenum, zirconium and other metal alloy fasteners, screws,bolts,nuts, gaskets,washers as well as non-standard fasteners,Grade5 Titanium Arrows,  oil drain plug ti bolt,Titanium Valve Spring Retainers from China according to GB, ANSI, BS, DIN, and ISO standards.
12,  We provide titanium/nickel/stainless steel pipes, pipe fittings, flanges, balls, valves, elbows, reducers (small/big head), T-fittings,  as well as other branch connections, casing caps, tube sockets from China.
13,  We offer a wide range of capillary titanium/Ni tubes, special-shaped titanium tubes as well as other titanium tubes and pipes directly from China according to customer's specifications. 
14,  We provide the Lexan/Sabic/Bayer polycarbonate solid sheet, hollow sheet  for conveyor belt cover/hood, workshop 
protection sheild , industrial roofing building skylight/awning;  HDPE storage tanks


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