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high-precision thin wall titanium tube finished and delivered to customer in advance
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high-precision thin wall titanium tube finished and delivered to customer in advance

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high-precision thin wall titanium tube finished and delivered to customer in advance

On March 16th, 2850 pieces of GR2 seamless titanium tubes (Φ19.05mmx0.7mmx3000mm) were successfully delivered to the customer 10 days in advance, winning the customer's satisfaction and recognition.

titanium tube 2

A few days before the Chinese Spring festival in 2023, our company successfully got this offer after several times of negotiation and joint efforts with the customer. The titanium pipes are thin wall small diameter tubes, processing precision requirements are very strictly and difficulty. It will be used to ship heat exchanger, if there are any defects, follow-up maintenance and replacement process are not only cumbersome, but also bring a lot of unnecessary troubles to customers. It is worth noting that our client is the world's top 500 enterprise, they are very strictly with quality and the delivery time. According to the actual condition, tight schedule and arduous tasks, the managers of our factory paid high attention to the products quality and the details of testing. While doing a comprehensive job in the prevention of COVID-19, we reasonably arranged the Spring Festival holiday of workers. By this means, the titanium pipes were successfully delivered 10 days ahead of the scheduled time, and the products will be delivered to customers from Beijing Airport.

Controlling product quality from the sources, our quality department inspectors analyzed the chemical composition and mechanical properties of raw materials, and sent titanium tube samples to a third-party testing institution with national accreditation qualification for inspection. After ensured that raw materials were up to standard, the productions are starting with manufactured. In the production process, these titanium tubes are strictly manufactured by ASTM B 338-17. Before leaving the factory, our quality inspection workers did a rigorous job of flaring test, flattening test, water pressure test, air pressure test, eddy current test, ultrasonic detection test of products. Ensuring that each titanium tube was qualified.

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After the factory’s inspection, we invited Lloyd's Register of Shipping to inspect the titanium tubes as the customer's required.These seamless titanium tubes passed the inspection and obtained Lloyd's 3.2 certificate of inspection. The modern production workshop, high quality products, obtained the great recognition of Lloyd's Register inspectors. In the future, our factory will continue deliver high quality products according to customer needs. We also hope that our customers' business will be better and better and our future cooperation will be more and more.

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