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2000Pcs Titanium Clad Copper delivered to Canada client
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2000Pcs Titanium Clad Copper delivered to Canada client

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2000Pcs Titanium Clad Copper delivered to Canada client

2000Pcs Titanium Clad Copper bar delivered to Canada client

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Titanium clad copper is a metallic material coated with a titanium layer of a certain thickness (generally 1.0~3mm) on a copper rod. It is the main component of the metal anode. The cross section is strictly according to client’s requirement . On the basis of its cross-sectional geometry, it can be divided into round, flat, square, and rectangular titanium-clad copper, and so on.

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This composite titanium material combines the excellent electrical conductivity of copper and the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium. It can be used as a conductor carrying large currents under relatively corrosive working conditions while ensuring the uniformity of current density and eliminating the pollution of electrolyte caused by the corrosion of copper conductors. Therefore, it has become the main component of the production of metal anode electrolyzers.

The Production Methods Of The Titanium Clad Coppers:The common production methods of titanium-clad copper mainly include the following: explosion method, hot extrusion method, hot extrusion and stretching method, explosion and rolling method.

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The explosive method is to first put a copper rod into a titanium tube, place explosives evenly around the titanium tube, use a detonator to detonate the explosive, and then make the copper rod and the titanium tube form a composite under the action of explosive force.

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The explosion rolling method is to use a large size titanium tube and copper rod to make billet by explosion method and then the titanium clad copper is made by the groove rolling method. Compared with the explosive method, this method has higher efficiency and lower cost.

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We could produce titanium clad copper, stainless steel clad copper, copper clad aluminium, carbon steel clad stainless steel, titanium clad aluminum, steel clad aluminum, nickel clad copper bars and sheet.

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