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more concerns on 4500 m manned submersible titanium ball compartment
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more concerns on 4500 m manned submersible titanium ball compartment

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more concerns on 4500 m manned submersible titanium ball compartment

It is reported that a manned submersible cabin spherical shell is the most important component, its design and build quality is an important guarantee submersible performance and crew safety. 4500 m manned submersible ball cabin project, the national "XXX" key scientific research projects, in the relevant state ministries and commissions under the strong support, achieved a major historic breakthrough. International project to the forefront of technology as a reference, the "industry, academia, research," the combination of domestic industries play equipment and technological advantages, a large collaboration, great innovation. The project has developed a breakthrough wide titanium slab, titanium hemispherical overall shape, special welding wire and narrow gap welding technology, electron beam welding of large components titanium technology, spherical heat treatment and machining distortion control of a number of key technologies, to fill submersible research and titanium many gaps, reached the international advanced level, have complete independent intellectual property rights.
The titanium ball manned cabins, large size (up to 2.1 m inner diameter, wall thickness 53mm, weight over 4 tons), complex structure, and the size of the ball really high precision, large wall thickness and more welds, weld the performance the indicator and the base material quite. Which developed large size thick titanium plate, hemispherical overall shape, and electron beam welding technology cooperation projects are unique.
In a few years the development of the project, the entire project team spent countless sleepless nights, while innovative edge test, adjustment and improvement process scheme repeated. Narrow gap welding, for example, only the welding wire components, to be nearly a hundred times to adjust the alloy composition and test, to ensure weld quality and performance to the base material quite; since the welding require special protection of the atmosphere, depending on the welding site, size, welding speed and other factors, special welding shield dozens of pairs; sometimes welders to work the ball inside cabin, welding inside the sphere can not be ventilated, temperatures up to 50 ℃, welding and several welders rotation protection, work more than 12 hours a day working very hard ...... in the project development process, such cases abound. After several years of research, XX completed the development work on the manned capsule ball XXX years.
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